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Every Sunday morning from 9 – 10 a.m., these three travel experts save On-The-Go listeners money. A lot of money. Each is an expert. Stewart Chiron covers cruising, Bob Diener hotels and resorts and Tom Parsons best airfares. They offer deals, tips and breaking news that relates to their specialties.
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Cruising Expert: Stewart Chiron
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Hotels & Resorts Expert: Dave Litman, Founder/CEO Get A
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Airfares Expert: Tom Parsons (his website is currently under construction)

Favorite Food Finds
Show # 183 – Aired June 5, 2016
Review: “Chef’s Table” on Netflix

Whenever you want to indulge your senses in a sumptuous slice of cinematic food stories, watch the Netflix series called, “Chef’s Table.” Finally, a place where you can get inside the minds of great chefs. They are from all over the world and featured one episode at a time, creating a sensory realm that turns a meal into an emotional experience.

You’ll learn about Chef Grant Achatz from Chicago’s Alinea, to our very own French Chef Dominique Crenn of San Francisco. You’ll spend time on the Amazon with Chef Alex Atala in Brazil, Enrique Olvera of Mexico City, and a host of chefs in France, Italyand Spain. There is a wealth of knowledge about how their home countries and families helped shape their careers and talents in the kitchen.

I actually binged watched the first season and now have a huge appetite for season two. Each episode will stretch your imagination, stimulate your edible education and satisfy your culinary curiosity. Watch “Chef’s Table.” It’s a foodies’ dream of a documentary series.

Barbara Treadwell for “On the Go” with John Hamilton on KGO.

On-The-Go Guests:

9:35 a.m.: Charlie Leocha, Chairman, Travelers United at

Travelers United is the only national organization that works for travelers in Washington D.C. The organization works with Congress, the TSA, and the Department of Transportation to improve issues for travelers. Leocha says the problem with long security checkpoint lines at national airports is not money, but management issues.

Other issues Travelers United is working on are: eliminating hotel resort fees, new technology for driver-less cars and the economy, and drone technology, as a whole new area of air transportation of the future.

Travelers United News Release on TSA issues:

Today, passengers are paying more money in fees and more money in lost time all because the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is not properly doing their job. Passengers are faced with an inefficient phalanx of bling and badges at security checkpoints.

“TSA funding was increased dramatically just over only a year or so ago,” says Charlie Leocha, Chairman of Travelers United, the country’s largest consumer travel organization. “The real problem is gross mismanagement. How does an organization that once boasted maximum wait times of around 20 minutes only six months ago end up, today, taking hours to clear passengers through security?”

“A three percent increase in passengers has resulted in a 300 percent or more increase in wait times,” Leocha notes. “This crisis makes no sense.”

During the debate on the Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA) of 2013, airlines, consumers and pilots worked together to stop the diversion of $13 billion of passenger 9/11 fee revenue to pay for deficit reduction. Despite their efforts, tThat coalition lost the debate and Congress diverted half of the security fee increase to other funding areas areas at their discretion. StillHowever, TSA’s funding from passengers jumped almost 50 percent as security fees went from $2.50 per flight segment with a $5 limit to $5.60 for all flights, with any connection longer than four hours counting as a separate flight.

Because of these recent fee increases, TSA is getting more money directly from passengers than ever before. The traveling public is getting less.

If the powers that be believe that money is the answer, Congress should return $13 billion in Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fees that was diverted since 2013 to offset the deficit. Those fees have been paid by airline passengers for airport security and should be spent there.

According to TSA’s own figures, the aviation security budget grew seven percent from 2006 to 2015, yet the number of passengers screened declined five percent during the same time period. The money and manpower of TSA are not currently being allocated where needed.

If the powers that be believe that money is the answer, Congress should return $13 billion in Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fees that was diverted since 2013 to offset the deficit. Those fees have been paid by airline passengers for airport security and that’s how they should be spent.

9:50 a.m.: Cassandra Santoro, Founder of Travel Italian Style at

Travel Italian Style helps you to embrace your inner Italian. The company specializes in tours through Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi Coast, and Sardenga. Travel Italian Style creates life changing trips customized to the clients’ wishes. Whether it’s personal trip planning or a small group tour, each trip is unique and unforgettable. Launching this month, Travel Italian Style now offers small group women-based luxury tours as well as her newest venture, travel therapy. As a young woman herself, Cassandra knows the therapeutic effect travel can have and through these tours she would like women who are going through a traumatic experience-or just need a little break- to feel safe to travel in a supportive environment. She says, “I believe travel promotes new outlooks, helps you build character and gives you incredible experiences that can change your life. Travel Italian Style was created with this notion and I am so excited to reach women around the world and help them grow and evolve with their travel and within themselves.”


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