Beautiful Designer Furniture at Consignment Prices


(KGO On the Go) – Considered the wealthiest man in American history, John D. Rockefeller was revered for being frugal. His incredible success can be attributed to his insistence on economy. If Rockefeller were alive today, he would undoubtedly shop at Home Consignment Center.

Home Consignment Center is a store like no other. Catering to a clientele that appreciates designer quality but also understands the value of a dollar. Everything on the floor is priced as used, even if it’s brand new.

One of the things that sets Home Consignment apart is the thrill of the hunt. Unlike conventional furniture stores, Home Consignment’s inventory is constantly changing. It’s worth your time to stop by regularly, because the stock turns quickly!

In Home Consignment’s waste not, want not economy, you can also turn furnishings that no longer meet your needs into cash. This marvelous two-way street led one reviewer to call Home Consignment the ultimate Green decorating resource.

As you think about preparing your home for the holidays, or just making it more beautiful and comfortable, remember the decorating trifecta available exclusively at Home Consignment: top quality, high fashion, and economy under one roof.

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