Don’t let fear keep you from solving your tax problem


An IRS audit notice can inspire fear: fear of going to jail, fear of an unpayable fine, even fear that the problem will lead to the end of a marriage or loss of a business. However, much of this fear is unfounded. For example, many clients who fear prison because of tax fraud have done nothing criminal. Before you start to worry about your future, you should call Moskowitz LLP and find out what you are actually facing. It probably isn’t as bad as what you’re imagining.

In many cases, Moskowitz LLP is able to keep you from having to talk to the government at all. You just explain your situation to Moskowitz, bring in your documents, and Moskowitz LLP works with the IRS and state for you. They have a track record of satisfied, happy clients.

Moskowitz LLP is a full service Tax Law Firm based in San Francisco, California. Their comprehensive, in-house team includes members who, individually, have attained more than 30 years experience in all aspects of tax law. Moskowitz LLP attorneys help individuals and businesses understand their entire tax picture and act accordingly in tax matters ranging from tax audits, trials, civil and criminal tax defense, tax appeals, tax opinions, tax planning, SEC matters, FTC litigation, and more. They pride themselves on providing personalized, realistic and practical solutions with a global approach to resolution.


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