Ride Sharing is All the Rage


(Pat Thurston) Ride sharing is all the rage. Everyone is doing it, sort of like cocaine in the 80’s. It seemed like such a great idea. But a few problems have recently arisen. Like…there are tens of thousands of Uber drivers in San Francisco. They’ve done a great job convincing people that if you need some quick cash you can get it legally by using your car to haul someone else to their destination. But tens of thousands of drivers? Traffic is heavier than ever and SF officials are blaming it on Uber and other ride sharers.

I thought one of the benefits was that you take an Uber, you’re not taking your own car so the numbers on the road should be a wash. Not so. Evidently Uber drivers drive around while waiting to be called. Perhaps ride sharers will have to have a cap, only 1,000 Uber cars on the road at any one time. Would that work? Since I live in Marin County I don’t make use of the ride shares so I don’t know the details but I do know that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Like mashed potatoes. They’re delicious but if you eat a whole bowl of them things will get ugly.

The other issue now in the news concerning Uber is also about a good thing – this time in the wrong place. There are so many people are having sex during their Uber rides that Uber has sent a message out to his customers to refrain from sex in the cars. Is this one of those fantasy things – you fantasize about sex in a semi-public place…? Who would fantasize about knocking boots in an Uber? Besides, what about the driver who may not be that into the two of you. And what about the next customer? Imagine it. Your ride pulls up, you open the door, and that always identifiable smell of sex wafts out. Do you get in? I’m thinking not. Not without a large supply of Clorox Wipes going before me.

Uber. Lyft. Ride sharing. What could possibly go wrong? Life.


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