Standing Rock Will Likely Be a Repetition of U.S. History


(Pat Thurston) Well well well.

The appointments made by Donald Trump truly boggle the mind. But this latest one almost makes sense, from their perspective. I’m talking about Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, former Republican presidential candidate, the man who had a website with a page titled “Defending Conservatism Against the Cancer of Trump-ism”. Rick Perry is Donald J. Trump’s choice to head the Department of Energy. While the media is agog over this appointment considering Energy is the department whose name Perry forgot during a debate when naming the three departments he’d eliminate as President, I am more agog that Rick Perry currently serves on the board of directors of Energy Transfer Partners.

Not a name you’re familiar with? ETP is the company behind the Dakota Access pipeline.

While we celebrated victory when the Army Corps of Engineers announced it would not issue a permit for the pipeline, Donald Trump has said he would push for the pipeline’s completion. Oh … did I mention Donald Trump himself has a million dollars invested in the Dakota Access pipeline?

It seems the Standing Rock Sioux may face the same treachery of the United States government their ancestors did.

Well well well.


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