The real cost of hiring an attorney


Many people are concerned about the cost to obtain tax help. Hourly fees add up and it doesn’t feel like you’re saving any money. Some cases drag on for years and the costs just keep mounting.

Here’s where Moskowitz LLP is different. Before the case begins, they will commit to one flat fee, so you know what you’re paying right off the bat. They won’t bill for every minute of a phone call or office visit when you have questions.

Lastly, what you pay is tax deductible, so you still save money!

Moskowitz LLP is a full service Tax Law Firm based in San Francisco, California. Their comprehensive, in-house team includes members who, individually, have attained more than 30 years experience in all aspects of tax law. Moskowitz LLP attorneys help individuals and businesses understand their entire tax picture and act accordingly in tax matters ranging from tax audits, trials, civil and criminal tax defense, tax appeals, tax opinions, tax planning, SEC matters, FTC litigation, and more. They pride themselves on providing personalized, realistic and practical solutions with a global approach to resolution.

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