Get a Flu Shot. You Don’t Want This Flu.

(Brian Copeland) If you tuned into my show on Tuesday, you heard my pal Pat Thurston doing her always excellent job holding down the fort for me.

I came home from my big NYE comedy show Saturday night with a 103 temperature and went to the ER Monday night where they admitted me. It’s the flu, and it’s a nasty one.

Thanks for all the good wishes.

I should be up and around in a few days. The hospital staff has been terrific and I’m getting the best of care.

I want to address something I see going back on forth on Facebook regarding the flu shot.

I have tested positive for influenza A. I got the flu shot, but from what I’m told here, that inoculated me from Influenza B. That was the strain that the CDC believed would be most prevalent this season. As they occasionally do, they guessed wrong.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t get a flu shot.

All of this stuff about the shot actually giving you the flu is bunk. You are not being given a live virus. While it’s true that a minuscule percentage of those who are inoculated can have some kind of an adverse reaction, the shot cannot give you the flu.

Get the shot. While it obviously won’t protect you from all strains, it will protect you from some.

I eat pretty healthy, lift weights twice a week and run or do elliptical four days a week. Last Friday, I ran 6 miles. This morning, I can’t sit up enough for the nurse to put pillows behind my back without help.

If I were a senior citizen or someone with a compromised immune system, I’d be dead. Seriously.

Stop listening to wives tales and anecdotes and go with actual science.


When I’m back behind the mic, I’ll have a guest in to give everybody some real information on this subject.

Thanks for your prayers. I’ll be talking at you soon!



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