Who is and Who is Not Saved By Health Insurance is a Problem for Trump Voters


(Brian Copeland) Being in the hospital really has me thinking about healthcare. I’m lucky that I’ve had excellent insurance for me and my kids through my union (first AFTRA, then SAG-AFTRA) for years. I have many friends in show business who aren’t so lucky.

Like the author of this New York Times piece, I have two friends who died needlessly and would be alive today if the ACA had been the law of the land and they’d been able to get minor things checked out early before they turned into stage 4 cancer.

The ironic thing about the action the GOP is claiming it has a “mandate” to take (it doesn’t because most Americans didn’t vote for this party or Trump) is that 56% of those who will lose coverage are white and 80% don’t have college degrees. In other words…Trump voters.


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