Facebook Continues Its…Homage to Snapchat


(Jason Middleton) Today Facebook continues its assault homage to Snapchat. Instagram owns Facebook, and Instagram is introducing a new advertising feature that looks and feels a lot like Snapchat’s video advertising offer.

OK, it apes Snapchat’s feature. Much like Instagram “Stories” are a carbon of Snapchat’s “Stories.”

The Moby Dick-like pursuit of Snapchat (and its valuable user base) by Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg is getting to be a bit of a Silicon Valley joke.

That said, it’s a very expensive joke. And to think Facebook is not playing for keeps is missing the point. Facebook has a critical mass of users and influence.

Will it get it’s white whale? Stay tuned…

Here’s my script for the Afternoon Drive Time story for Jan. 11, where I will continue this discussion.

— Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat.

Instagram cost about a billion dollars. Snapchat was offered 3 billion dollars. NO THANKS, they said.

Snapchat introduced a ‘stories’ feature—a longer video feature for its users. Then Instagram followed and copied it. Even calling it Stories.

Facebook’s playground chasing of Snapchat is a bit of a Silicon Valley joke.

Today there is further evidence of Facebook chasing Snapchat’s so-called innovation.

Brands will soon be able to place their own five-second photos or 15-second video clips in between Instagram Story user content.

And advertisers are lining up — including Capital One, General Motors, Buick, Nike and Netflix.

The ad style is similar to the format Snapchat rolled out in June 2016.

The idea that social media, and most of Silicon Valley, are disruptive is so very stale. They are just methods to deliver advertising. —


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