Vincent Got His Back Waxed

My Vietnamese side is hairless, but my Italian side is quite hairy.

I shave EVERYWHERE but because my back is difficult to reach, it turns into the lawless, tribal, borderless region of body hair.

The Fair Rebecca usually takes my clippers to my back about once a month, but I wanted to try something different. I wanted to get my back waxed.

TFR found Zen Spa & Massage in Roseville on Yelp.

I got a back waxing, she got a deep tissue massage.

It wasn’t bad at all. Took about 20 minutes. There were some brief episodes of mildly, gently, softly screaming out loud but I wasn’t writhing on the floor crying in pain or anything close to that.

I had Veronica (love that name BTW). She was an absolute dear and did a swell job.

It cost $50.

Will I do it every month? Nah. But once in a while if I want to pamper myself, sure!



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