PolitiFacts and Fictions with Joshua Gillin

Fake News seems to be everywhere, or at least the idea of fake news is everywhere. But what qualifies as “fake” news? We talk to Joshua Gillin, a staff writer at PolitiFact Florida and the Tampa Bay Times, about fact checking the current administration.

“Let’s be honest, there’s nothing new about politicians lying to their constituents – but when it comes to this last campaign, I mean really what we have ended up with is an administration that says things that are just outright false – provably incorrect, right?”


“And so what we noticed that during the campaign, there was this proliferation – what my job is now – to look at this so called fake news. And that is all these stories that people purposely create in order to mis-inform.”

He highlights some things we should keep in mind before assuming a story is fake.

“What we see with a lot of what readers send to us as fake news claims, are really – and just our regular fact check – are really the same event just told with a different spin on it. And as it takes on every side of an argument, there’s always a kind of a point of view with that, and a way of looking at it that may misrepresent things slightly, or may not include the full broader picture of something, and that would change someone’s opinion of what actually happened.”

Joshua and Jason drop their own tips on how to deal with a story you might think is false, by citing, among other things, Bill Murray in the news (a story that had nothing to do with groundhogs).


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