Immigration Law Expert Gives Resources for Immigrants

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Professor of Law and founder of Immigrant Legal Resource Center, Bill Hing calls in and talks to Maureen about the immigration laws under Trump and who is being targeted. Bill enlightens us on how to interact with officers and what rights you possess under the constitution.

Listen here:

Maureen: My mother is an immigrant. No one is going to go up to my Irish mother with her blue eyes and her very white skin and say “excuse me Miss Langan, do you have papers?” Not in a million years… but I guarantee you that my Mexican friends in New York and here in the Bay Area, that’s going to happen to them more likely… You think they’re going to ask Norwegian people?

Bill Hing: That’s a violation of the constitution. It’s a violation of the Fourth Amendment to even go up and ask for papers just because they’re not speaking English… Such a person actually does not have to respond, they do have the right to remain silent. But a lot of people don’t realize that and most folks confronted with an officer, will actually admit that they don’t have documents and once that happens, they’re going to be out of here. But if they remain silent, they’re allowed to walk away calmly…

Resources for Immigrants be found at

Call the Raid Hotline # 415-200-1548


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