Immigration Talk with USF Professor of Law – Bill Hing

Photo: Nick Youngson

Maureen discusses the recent case of an undocumented father being taken by ICE while dropping off his children. Professor of Law Bill Hing chimes in and answers questions for listeners.

Maureen – Is there a shot in hell that these children are going to be reunited with their parents? The Rayos family. This new instance in Los Angeles with Fatima Avelica. Will they be reunited with their parents? Will we see legislation come into place that might create laws that grandfathers these people back into their world? What’s the likelihood?

Bill Hing – Unfortunately, I don’t see anything on the horizon. Under the current law, once you get deported, you are subject to a 20-year bar from returning to the United States. But I agree with you 100%. If anyone had any heart or any sense they would introduce legislation and allow these folks to be reunited. We’re talking about people who have US Citizen Children in the United States.

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