Toilet to Tap…Beer?

(Pat Thurston) People in the San Francisco Bay Area are nuts over water quality and taste.  We compare the tastes of water in San Francisco to that of Hayward and Marin.  Some bay area residents are even water snobs.  Too many only drink frou-frou bottled water, even though our water is some of the best in the world.

San Diego’s residents are apparently less discerning.  They have decided on a toilet to tap water system.  It’s not quite as gross as the moniker would suggest.  It is however recycled water.  Water that has travelled through the sewer system to a water purification plant that goes back into the drinking water supply rather than into the ocean.

Recycled water use in our bay area tends to be limited to watering greenery – golf courses, lawns, redwoods…

We find the very concept of toilet to tap distasteful.

Now San Diego goes a step further.

A brewery there has decided to brew their beer with recycled water.  I suppose there’s some symmetry in that idea – the beer flows through you, into the toilet, through the purification plant and back to the brewery.  The name of the brew?  Stone Full Circle Pale Ale.  Indeed.

Will they steal the marketing line from another beer brand “It’s the water…and a lot more”?



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