When Man’s Best Friend is feeling blue what do you do?

Maureen shares her recent event with Maxie the dog, and the medical expenses she had to incur. She asks the question of how much would you spend to save your pet and what if you don’t have the money? Callers chime in to swap stories, share resources, and give advice.

Maureen: I took my Maxie Doodle Bug, my Wheaten Terrier, back home from the vet today. And she’s dopey and dozey and full of drugs. And I am so thankful. When I left the vet I thought, I’m not “Money Bags,” but at least I have a bit of a safety net where I can can do this for my dog. Is there a line in the sand where you say hey – I would not spend more than $5,000 on my dog? Where would you say I’m out? Would you take out credit cards? Loans? Rob a bank?


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