Dirty Deportation Tricks

Brian Erickson from the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico (ACLU-NM) discusses immigration under the Trump Administration. Erickson explains what the ACLU’s mission is and the people they are helping. Maureen asks the question, as American citizens, “What can we do?”

Brian Erickson:
Border Patrol can use all kinds of procedures where they never even go to an immigration court. Essentially Border Patrol makes the arrest, coerces them into signing away their legal rights and they are swiftly deported.

Wait a minute. How do they sign away their legal rights? How does that happen?

Brian Erickson: It’s a very intimidating experience. We’ve had people report that they’ve had people threaten to go after their children if they didn’t sign the paper that was before them. A lot of the papers are in English, they speak Spanish, so they don’t know or understand what they’re signing because they didn’t know their rights. For years now we’ve seen people picked up by Boarder Patrol, and they are in Juarez by 6pm the same day.

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