Don’t Mess With My Coffee!

(Pat Thurston) Did I mention I just returned from Maui? Everything was wonderful but nothing more so than the coffee. Kona coffee, omg, is truly heaven on earth. I’m a coffee drinker. I don’t go nuts with it. My consumption is limited to 3 cups a day or less on most days. If I don’t get good coffee, I am not a nice person.

And yes, coffee takes it’s toll on teeth. Coffee stains are not easy to remove but your dental technician does an amazing job making your pearlies white again after 6 months of coffee consumption.

One creative entrepreneur is introducing us to teeth-staining free coffee. Would you drink it? Before you answer that question, it’s clear. Not brown. It’s clear like water. Supposedly it’s tastes like cold brew. They use a “special” process on the beans to make the brew clear.


It’s unnatural. An abomination! Coffee should be brown, dark brown. The darker the better until I add half and half. I don’t know what their “special” process is but it gives me the willies to think of what they’d need to do to change the natural color of the coffee to no color. I don’t know of anything that does that. Even bleach makes things white, not clear. I don’t want clear chocolate, I don’t want clear meat and I don’t want clear coffee.

I hope this doesn’t become a thing. I hope we keep our coffee as it was meant to be – roasted, ground and brewed with that awesome coffee aroma. Mmmmmm…


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