Holiday shopping trends and tips

Holiday shopping and Black Friday usually elicit one of two reactions from people — the enthusiastic crowd who is ready to set up camp outside their nearest Best Buy and alternatively, the consumers who would rather hibernate through the crazy season.

If you fall into the latter category, Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow has some good news for you — this December the malls are expected to be more manageable than past years.

According to Yarrow, host Michael Finney’s guest, the boom of online shopping and a grand total of five Saturdays post Thanksgiving this year will help slow down the mall traffic.

Although the malls will be quieter, it doesn’t mean they will be ghost towns. According to Yarrow, survey results found that most consumers will still prefer to hit the malls opposed to shopping online. Yarrow said this is likely due to stores having expanded selections and higher levels of customer service compared to the rest of the year in addition to malls offering holiday experiences, like visiting Santa, that people don’t want to miss!

Listen to the full segment below to learn more about the history of Black Friday, how to determine which deals are in fact a bang for your buck and why Yarrow thinks malls will experience an uptick in 2018.


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