What you need to know about recreational cannabis for Jan. 1!

San Francisco Chronicle Cannabis Editor David Downs joined host Pat Thurston to fill California residents in on everything they need to know about the legalization of recreational cannabis come Jan. 1!

This segment is a change up from Thurston’s last chat with Downs, in which he delivered the bad news the state was lagging in distributing recreational retail licenses. Luckily, since then California has made a miraculous turn around and gotten its act together. That means ringing in the new year with cannabis is a reality for Bay Area residents!

In light of the celebratory news, Downs shared where you can find the best quality cannabis in the Bay Area, how prices are projected to fluctuate, why you need to be wary near the state border, why “Big Ag” won’t be getting their hands on the industry anytime soon and more valuable must-know information.

Listen to the full segment below!


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