YouTube (the good and bad), Khan Academy’s expansion and a simple cybersecurity test for your business

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

By Jason Middleton

YouTube has had a bad run of things recently, with a scandal over a suicide posting, a rash of child-abuse videos and pushback from some of its celebrities over ad blocking.

But … let’s get some perspective on YouTube. Every minute, ​3​00 hours of video are uploaded to their servers. That is an incredible amount of data — and an incredibly accurate cross section of humanity, for good and for ill.

This week, in segment one, we skirt the scandals and talk with an amateur inventor who is also a YouTube superstar — Colin Furze.

For instance, Furze turned a 3-series BMW into a rolling Jacuzzi and recently built a life-sized Tie Fighter for the release of The Last Jedi — and he has dozens of more videos involving dangerous pyrotechnics, among other things. He even has a new book out on his risky hobby, fittingly named “This Book Is Not Safe.

For the next segment we switched gears a bit but kept it in the realm of the web! We had the founder and CEO of the Khan Academy on to talk about STEM education and a new grant the academy recently received from Amgen.

Sal Khan is providing an amazing, necessary service to the world: supplying online education tools, at no cost, to children all over the world!

In segment three, we have author Dava Sobel. She talks about her newest book, The Glass Universe, which is about women smashing the glass ceiling and making significant and historic advances for the field of astronomy.

Wrapping up the broadcast, in segment four, we bring you information on a stress test for corporate security. We talk to accounting firm BPMCPA! BPMCPA helps companies test not only their digital systems, but also their physical ones — things like faking guest-visitor passes or tricking employees into opening naughty emails.

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