Tech labor market goes from hot to hotter and building an Amazon strategy

The Amazon logo is displayed at the Nasdaq MarketSite, in New York’s Times Square, Tuesday, May 30, 2017. Online retail giant traded above $1,000 a share for the first time. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

By Jason Middleton

For the third year in a row data scientist is considered the top job in the country. That said, just about anywhere you look in the technology sector, in Silicon Valley and around the country, you’ll find people hiring tech talent.

And that trend is likely to continue for up to three years, according to Heather Johnston and her research from Robert Half. The talent placement agency polled dozens of chief information officers​ – both nationally and in Silicon Valley –​ to find out what and who they are hiring, and how quickly.

(Pro tip: get those resumes to Robert Half Technology now.)

That’s what we covered in our first segment! Then, in our second segment, we turned our attention to Amazon.

Washington Post columnist, and small business owner, Gene Marks shares his tips on how small and medium-sized businesses can best leverage the scale and scope of Amazon.

Sometimes a strategic partnership can come in different forms.

Having an Amazon Strategy is critical for most businesses, but for larger businesses, Amazon is a death star of logistics and cheap capital.

A press release about Amazon possibly moving into a new industry alone is enough to force the stocks of would-be competitors to drop. For example, this week, the launch of their nearly fully-automated convenience store in Seattle, Amazon Go, rocked the retail world (we cover this story)!

That type of competition-suppression may one day lead to some regulatory oversight. Or, maybe Amazon will be ‘The One to Rule Them All’?

To further this discussion of Amazon’s out-sized market power, we lean on Professor Scott Galloway, a former guest and NYT best-selling author, to help us navigate the path of Amazon.

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