Trump is a dictator? The FBI is off the rails? What?

President Donald Trump delivers remarks at Sheffer Corporation to promote his tax policy, Monday, Feb. 5, 2018, in Blue Ash, Ohio. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

With so much drama surrounding the Nunes memo and Mueller investigation, and so many dishonest brokers speaking out, it’s become rather difficult to get to the truth.    

It seems that there are two schools of thought. One offering that President Trump is a dictator and suggesting that it’s time to take to the streets to overthrow him. The other believing that the FBI is a KBG-like institution that’s now dedicated to destroying the Constitution instead of protecting us.  

The Washington Examiner’s Senior Political Correspondent David Drucker joined Armstrong & Getty to offer his take on the tumultuous topic.

Drucker believes that the discussion about a deep state conspiracy is absurd, and the hyperbole too heated — but he says the discussion about whether the FISA law (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) was abused is a worthy one.

His thoughts on collusion within the Trump campaign? Listen to the interview below to find out! 


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