The Nune’s memo told by Bill O’Reilly

Host Bill O’Reilly of “The O’Reilly Factor” program, on the Fox News Channel, poses for photos, in New York, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

No other Armstrong & Getty guest is capable of generating controversy like Bill O’Reilly.

The iconic cable host, who has since made his mark in streaming with his podcast, “The No Spin News,” requested a spot on the show so he could “reach people in California who don’t have any idea of what’s going on” — specifically in relation to the Nunes memo.

Listen to the segment below to hear his conversation (if you could call it that) with Armstrong & Getty. Check out the second bonus segment to hear Armstrong address some very pointed listener responses to the interview and explain why he personally can’t see himself having O’Reilly on as a guest in the future.


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