Virtual reality can help teach empathy (it’s not just for gamers!)

Samsung’s Vice President of Mobile, Peter Koo, speaks during the Oculus 2 conference in Los Angeles, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015. Samsung says the new virtual reality headset will be 22 percent lighter and, at $99, half the price of its previous model. The Korean electronics company hopes the changes to the Gear VR, which ships in November, will help push virtual reality into the mainstream. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

By Jason Middleton

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gobbled up virtual reality startup Oculus. A little while later, there was a picture of Zuckerberg walking through a crowded theater, with everyone else wearing VR headsets. It looked kind of ridiculous, and more than a little creepy.

Virtual reality is not just for gaming, of course. Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab is a font of research and ongoing data collection of how, where and when to utilize VR’s significant potential.

This week, Jeremy Bailenson joins us to talk VR in the first segment. He is the founding director of the VHIL (Virtual Human Interaction Lab). He also has a new book out, “Experience on Demand.”

Commissioners from the NBA and the NFL have even visited the lab, hoping to literally up their digital games.

Also this week, Courtney Reume joined us to talk about his co-written book, Shortcut Your Startup for segment two. Courtney wrote the book with his brother, Carter.

You may have seen their show, Hatched. Their investment firm, M13, brings innovative and vital value propositions to clients.

Within a week of publication, it was the top business book on Amazon.

And speaking of Amazon, we close out the show with a look at Amazon’s dynamic capacity to create news in our third segment. Here are a few of the points we touch on:

We pulled some cogent analysis from heavy-hitter marketing and business types to drive the point home that Amazon should be respected, as well as feared.

First, Scott Galloway of Gartner/L2, and second Ben Thompson of Stratechery.

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