Michael Finney: February 10, 2018


Jeanie Ahn of Yahoo Finance shares Financial Advisers Advice: Here’s how to handle the stock market roller coaster

Michael Brown, Research Analyst of LendU finds out Walmart vs. Amazon: Which is Cheaper? and why Students are not the Only Ones Stuck with Student Loans


Ken Tumin of Deposit Accounts.com warns Why You Need an Emergency Fund More Than Ever

Paul Goodman, Telecommunications Senior Legal Counsel of Green Lining reports CPUC Protects Access to Phone Service for Low-Income Californians

Nychelle Flemming, Pool Safely Campaign Leader of The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports Child Pool Drownings up 230% in January and offers Safety tips for CA families

Remar Sutton of the The Fool Proof Foundation/Walter Cronkite Project asks “Should Kids Be Taught Healthy Skepticism? 12 Consumer Groups and Experts Say “Yes!””


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