Kim Jong Un isn’t getting the full story, Chinese spies and a Russian attack on US troops

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves at parade participants at the Kim Il Sung Square on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, in Pyongyang, North Korea. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans celebrated the country’s newly completed ruling-party congress with a massive civilian parade featuring floats bearing patriotic slogans and marchers with flags and pompoms. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

CBS Military Analyst Mike Lyons joined Armstrong & Getty to detail recent developments around the world that have big implications for the United States.

He provided more information on two noteworthy revelations made in the Director of National Intelligence’s testimony before Congress on Tuesday: The inundation of Chinese spies on U.S. soil and Kim Jong Un “not getting the fully story.” Plus, he updated Armstrong & Getty on an attack U.S. troops sustained in Syria by the hands of Putin.

Listen to the full segment below.


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