Were the sexual harassment allegations made against Shaun White valid?

Shaun White, of the United States, celebrates his gold medal win in snowboard halfpipe at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. (Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press via AP)

American snowboarder Shaun White didn’t have much time to revel in the limelight following his nearly perfect run on the halfpipe that earned him the title of the first person to take home three Olympic gold medals in the perilous event.

To White’s frustration, reporters took the opportunity to inquire about the details of the sexual harassment suit he settled in May instead of focusing on his historical achievement. The suit was filed against him by his former rock band mate, Lena Azawidech, who claimed White wrongfully terminated her and “forced” her to watch pornography.

Host Chip Franklin Nikki Medoro and Heather Hamann took a deeper look into the Olympic sweetheart’s case and raised the question: Did White’s actions constitute sexual misconduct, or was his vulgar behavior a mix-up and just the product of the rowdy music scene with no bad intent?

Listen to their full conversation below.


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