Ronn Owens Report: Republicans crack under the gun-control movement

KGO’s political analyst Gary Dietrich joined host Ronn Owens to speak on how the newfound momentum of the gun control movement is affecting politicians, and ultimately the trajectory of our country.

Owens said you can feel the change in the air, the wave of the entire country shifting in attitude as a whole when it comes to guns — and it’s not just enraged parents, it’s people with power in the White House too.

Staunch supporters of the second amendment and NRA, such as Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, are beginning to lend a listening ear to opposing opinions, a sure sign the tectonic plates in Washington are shifting as we speak, according to Dietrich.

Listen to the full report below to learn what Dietrich expects to happen in the coming months and midterm elections, which he believes will be largely tied to the movement!


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