French lawmakers want to fine people 90 euros for catcalling — has the Me Too movement gone too far?

French lawmakers are requesting people caught catcalling be forced to pay a fine of 90 euros, which equates to approximately $110, in an effort fight sexual violence.

The practice, which often constitutes whistling and vulgar remarks, has often been claimed as “harmless” by men who participate, despite the majority of women communicating their discomfort when it takes place.

Host Chip Franklin, doesn’t think it is “harmless” per-say, but he does think punishing people for catcalling is a symptom the “Me Too” movement has gone too far.

His counterparts, Nikki Medoro and Heather Hamann, see the benefits. They said maybe “hitting a man in the pocketbook,” is the only way to see change!

Listen to the segment below to hear their heated debate on the subject.


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