The Bay Area dominates WalletHub’s “Hardest-Working Cities in America” list

Host Ethan Bearman clapped back at right-wing politicians and Republicans who frequently ridicule the Bay Area for its high population of “snowflake” liberals who “can’t do anything for themselves.”

According to a new WalletHub report, they may want to check themselves, and their timesheets, before slinging their next insult. It appears Bay Area residents, and blue states across the board, are putting in a lot more work than their red counterparts!

Oakland, San Francisco and Fremont were all top-ten contenders on Wallethub’s “Hardest-Working Cities in America” list, which took into account nine key metrics, including employment rate, work-hours-per-week and number of jobs!

Listen to the full segment below to hear Bearman and his team discuss the standings and weigh in on the ugly factors that could be driving the Bay Area to the top.


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