Okay, brainiac! Now … hit the ball

Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Sean Manaea (right) celebrates with Oakland Athletics catcher Jonathan Lucroy after pitching a no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox in a baseball game in Oakland, Saturday, April 21, 2018. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

By Jason Middleton

Less than half a second — that’s how quickly a batter in the MLB has to decide to swing, or not to swing.

This week, we have an athletic theme: neuroscience in the pursuit of elite performance.

“Moneyball,” another unique approach to athletics, began in Oakland, so, we felt it was only right to close out the show where it all started with Oakland A’s President Dave Kaval!

Beforehand, we speak with experts in the field of neuroscience and sports training — as well as surgeons, pilots, musicians and low-level learners of new languages (meaning, me).

Neuroscience’s Role in Scouting

First up is Zach Schonbrun, the author of “The Performance Cortex.” Zach is an ace journalist who is also a seamhead. In segment one, he offers his take on how neuroscience can impact baseball scouting and training.

Halo Sport

Next up, in segment two, we dive into Halo Neuroscience, a hardware and software combined in a way that attracts anyone who is looking to learn nearly anything that requires repetition or practice.

Athletes, musicians, language-learners and even surgeons are looking at Halo’s neuroscience as an added edge to refining their skill sets.

With a legacy of creating medical devices related to epilepsy, Halo’s creators have a form factor of what amounts to headphones that stimulate the cortex, and potentially increase later performance.

Oakland Athletics

And, for the grand finale, in segment three, the president of the Oakland Athletics, Dave Kaval, chats with us the morning after the 50th anniversary game to help unpack what the plans for the team really are when it comes to where the team plays, and how it might happen.

The A’s have asked the city to assume the debt of the Oakland Coliseum Complex. That may not be where they build/play, but it may determine the future of the franchise.

It’s unfortunate that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s office has yet to respond. We hope she will reconsider in the future. 

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