Michael Finney: May 5, 2018


Jack Gillis of the Center for Auto Safety presents The Car Book’s Best Bets for 2018 Available for the First Time Online

Ken Tumin of Deposit Accounts explains the Pros and Cons of using CDs instead of Bonds in your retirement portfolio

Adriana Samper, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University shares her study Beauty, Effort, and Misrepresentation: How Beauty Work Affects Judgments of Moral Character and Consumer Preferences


Ruth Susswein of Consumer Action reports Consumer groups stand up to threats to take the public complaint database dark

Saundra Latham of Cheapism runs down Costco vs. Sam’s Club: A Wholesale Club Showdown

Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times warns The fine print of those short-term health plans favored by Trump: Don’t get sick on a weekend

Brian Hibbs of San Francisco’s Comix Experience invites listeners to Free Comic Book Day and to join the Graphic Novel of the Month Club


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