Biggest Brother: The state of surveillance tech

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By Jason Middleton

Big Brother is Real

We are being watched. Like … a lot. The state of surveillance technology simply has no legal guardrails. The legal privacy precedents in the digital age are incredibly analog.

This isn’t conspiracy thinking, though it sounds like it at first. It’s legit — and a new book proves it.

Habeas Data” is a well-researched and accessible book that calls into question just how prepared society is for the digital economy, that brings with it digital surveillance, searches and seizures.

Cyrus Farivar, a writer for Ars Technica, spent years pulling together what amounts to must-read material for anyone who wants to update our collective take on the Fourth Amendment. See our chat with him in second segment for a preview.

Millennial Financials

It is no longer the case that financial planners are legally bound to put their clients’ interest as the priority. Nearly 90 percent of financial planners are not fiduciaries, who are required by law to benefit their clients.

The system, arguably, does not address the market’s needs – especially for younger investors.

Enter Grove. Grove provides affordable and accessible financial planning services. Grove is also serial entrepreneur Chris Hutchins’ newest attempt to change the world, one fiduciary at a time.

Hutchins was a partner at Google Ventures where he focused on seed and early-stage investments. Prior to that, Hutchins co-founded Milk, a mobile startup acquired by Google in 2012. He is also the founder of LaidOffCamp, a movement that empowered the unemployed during the 2008 financial crisis to learn new skills for the evolving job market. We had the honor of talking to him in our first segment!

Venture Forth Capital

Venture capital is a standard operating procedure in Silicon Valley. It’s also a somewhat murky and tight-lipped business, as investors create — and protect — their deal flow and their ecosystems.

Jeff Grabow is the team leader in the United States for Ernst & Young‘s venture capital division. Gabro is a Silicon Valley veteran, with 30 years experience in guiding investors on their outlays.

Right now, VC money is at or beyond an all-time high. Meanwhile, companies are not exiting at the IPO clip we were getting accustomed to.

Mr Grabow lays out the landscape for us this week, in segment three, when it comes to the temperature of the VC market (spoiler: it’s hot).  The full, extended interview rounds out Garbro’s thoughts from his successful perch at a top financial house.

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