Consumer Reports finally recommends Tesla 3 after improvement to brakes that were deemed ‘far worse than any contemporary car’ previously tested

Photo by Blomst on Pixabay

Last week, the Tesla 3 stopped short of gaining the approval of Consumer Reports.

The outlet deemed the electric vehicle’s braking as “far worse than any contemporary car [previously] tested, and about seven feet longer than the stopping distance of a Ford F-150 full-sized pickup.”

CEO Elon Musk didn’t waste time responding to the collision heading for his venture’s already faltering reputation. He managed to successfully trim the distance by a whopping 20 feet in one week’s time, putting the Tesla 3 back in the good graces of Consumer Reports.

Host Ethan Bearman consulted KGO’s in-house tech expert Jason Middleton for details on the incredible turnaround, in addition to other obstacles facing the company. To wrap it up, the two discussed Facebook’s troubling popularity decline among the younger generation.

Listen below.


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