A deep dive into the validity of home DNA tests

Photo by cocoparisienne on Pixabay

Home DNA tests have bloomed into a multibillion dollar industry, with more than 12 million people surrendering to curiosity and taking the plunge to discover the secrets hidden in their genetic code.

The 21st-century trend, and questionable DNA test results of a family pet (see adorable mutt Teddy here), inspired LA Times Consumer Columnist David Lazarus to do a deep dive into the validity of services like 23andMe. His quest, which put him in discussions with top experts in the field, including the head of UCLA’s Clinical Genomics Center and Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories, may make you think reexamine what you thought had been determined about yourself!

Listen to the podcast below to hear Lazarus share his top takeaways from his research with host Ethan Bearman.


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