Ronn Owens Report: “We don’t have an inventory of the nuclear weapons North Korea has”

One thing is certain, Kim Jong Un and President Trump have kindled an unexpected friendship after their historic one-on-one meeting. Outside of that, conclusions from the summit are few and far between. While the world is gaping over the chemistry between the two leaders who previously threatened war over Twitter, experts aren’t skipping a beat in asking the questions that matter, like:  “How can the secretive regime be held accountable for a denuclearization deal when we have nearly no intel?”

Former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs Ellen Tauscher isn’t holding back when it comes to inquiring about the unknown. She joined host Ronn Owens to draw attention to more than a few gaping holes in the United States’s knowledge, weigh in on Trump’s unconventional strategy and share her suggestion for going forward: verify, verify, verify.

Listen below to hear their full conversation!


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