Fighting the perils of income inequality

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By Jason Middleton

Combatting Wealth Inequality

Almost exactly a year ago, we aired a show with Chuck Collins, author of “Born on Third Base.”

Mr Collins is a man of means, born into a wealthy family. He has spent his life making sense of how best to untangle income inequality, while studying the phenomenon effect on philanthropy, politics and society on the whole.

This week, in segment one, Collins is back with a new treatise on the subject: Is Income Inequality in America Irreversible?

Collins is also the executive director of research and analysis website!

And, as I wrote last year:

  • Now, if you’re looking for a different take on the same problem, AEI has a book that, somewhat surprisingly, is pretty close to Mr Collins’ take on the issue.  


Staying on track for a smooth financial landing toward the end of life can be troubling. There’s the discipline involved, of course, and the choosing of priorities … but there’s also the ready-cash issue.

That’s an increasing issue for citizens in urban centers and other expensive enclaves. These pricey cities, or, as our guest Bruce Stuart refers to them, “ExpenCities,” can be brutal on a family’s savings and planning.

In segment two, we talk with Mr Stuart of Morgan Stanley about his most recent research in how best to cope with the balance of a high cost of living and the hope for a quality of life.

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