Ethan defends SF allowing non-citizens to vote in local school board elections

Host Ethan Bearman joined Fox News’s Tucker Carlson to defend a Bay Area decision that has the potential to impact local elections around the nation.

The topic of debate: San Francisco granting parents and guardians of children enrolled in San Francisco Unified School District the ability to vote for Board of Education members in the Nov. 6 election — regardless of their citizenship status.

Carlson is firm in his belief the polls should be strictly reserved for documented Americans, equating non-citizens voting to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Bearman didn’t stand for the inaccurate comparison, firm on his statement: “those are two separate issues.”

From his perspective, giving non-citizens active in the community a voice, and therefore accurately representing the diversity of the city, is absolutely necessary and a win-win. Check out Bearman’s latest blog to learn more about where his argument stems from.


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