Ethan speaks on Instagram accidentally removing his post for ‘hate speech’

Last Friday, host Ethan Bearman made an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to defend the New York Times’s decision to hire tech journalist Sarah Jeong inspite of a string of past controversial tweets, one of which read “#CancelWhitePeople” (see the clip here). He and Carlson had a healthy debate, as they have had dozens of times before, and went their separate ways.

Per usual, following his discussion on Fox News Bearman uploaded and shared the segment onto his personal Instagram without a second thought. It was later on that things deviated from the norm. An alert appeared, Instagram had removed his post for hate speech. Here’s the message he received:

A post shared by Ethan Bearman (@ethanbearman) on

Here’s the original post:

A post shared by Ethan Bearman (@ethanbearman) on

An apology for the admitted mistake only followed after Fox News reached out about the mix-up to the picture-sharing platform. Although all has been resolved, the incident revealed a bigger issue at hand, the way social media giants approach parsing through content for hate speech. As Bearman pointed out, with Facebook increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to locate inappropriate content, error is bound to happen. Then the question becomes: With freedom of speech on the line, what is the margin of inaccuracy that can be tolerated?

Fox News invited Bearman back to discuss the implications of the incident — watch at the top of the page!


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