The digital ad takeover, data gone wrong and the Fed’s finances

By Jason Middleton

Digital Frenemies

The internet has been rolling through civilization — specifically, business — as it disrupts all that it touches. 

The interwebs helped crush newspapers by stealing classified ads before proceeding to wreak havoc on magazines, radio and even television. And, the trend continues.

Ken Auletta details the ongoing phenomenon with more than 400 case studies and interviews with advertising executives on all sides of the issue in his latest book: FRENEMIES: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else),”

This week, in segment one, he joins us to give us the short-and-sweet version!

Tyrannical Data

If it can be counted, we will count it — especially in Silicon Valley. But, does this fixation on metrics really move things forward and spawn better results? Or does it lead to negative unintended consequences …and a massive time-suck?

Those are just two of many questions we get the answers to in segment two. Professor Jerry Mueller, the author of  “The Tyranny of Metrics,” examines how data is used, and misused, in fields as disparate as policing, employee reviews and health care.

What the Fed?

Macroeconomics is a puzzle of sorts, and it takes an analyst (or two) to put the pieces together.

In segment three, we have Senior Analyst Greg McBride on the line to help us put into perspective the Federal Reserve, inflation, wage growth and a brewing trade war.

Note: We recorded before Turkey’s currency caught a cold — and we don’t know if that could grow into a contagious flu yet.

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