The State of the Military: The psyche of our soldiers

Afghan security personnel stand guard at the site of an attack at the Marshal Fahim academy in Kabul, Afghanistan Monday, Jan. 29, 2018. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

“I used to always say that if we keep this pace up that we are going at right now…you are either as a soldier going to lose your mind or your family.” – Mike Lyons, CBS News Military Analyst

There’s one person we can always count on for an honest assessment of matters that pertain to our military and our national security — Mike Lyons.  

The CBS News Military Analyst is often called upon at a moment’s notice to help educate us regarding the latest developments in locales such as Afghanistan, Syria and North Korea. In addition, he frequently offers his expertise on issues related to the ongoing war on terrorism.  

The Operation Desert Storm combat vet was kind enough to give us an hour to talk about the current state of the country’s military, including his thoughts on the rigors of this new realm in which our service men and women have become career warriors. According to him, those in the armed forces are “stretched so thin” the entire system could “break” and be plunged into a crisis in the future.

During the discussion, Lyons also weighed in on the missteps of our presidents, our future in Afghanistan and his greatest concerns in terms of threats to the U.S.

Listen below!


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