Ronn Owens Report: Get off my beach — the story of an 8-year legal battle

Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

“Beaches are public in California and the immensely wealthy must comply with the Coastal Act just like everyone else.” – Joe Cotchett, Attorney

In today’s report, host Ronn Owens talked with Joe Cotchett, lead attorney representing the Surfrider Foundation. For nearly a decade, he has been fighting Vinod Khosla — a billionaire insisting the beach in front of his house belongs to him and doesn’t require government permission to close it to the public. Despite judicial rulings against him, Khosla hired attorneys who were experienced in getting the U.S. Supreme Court to take cases. On Monday, it was learned the justices refused to take it despite his efforts — a huge victory! Cotchett said Khosla isn’t giving up just yet, but it’s significant step toward justice. According to him, the case, although centered around California’s Martin’s Beach, could affect laws in over 22 states and was a classic example of “the arrogance of power.” Being wealthy didn’t equate to a win in this case, but Cotchett admitted, unfortunately, its a reality that “money can buy a portion of justice just by slowing it down.”

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