Michael Finney: October 6, 2018


Dr. Adams Dudley UCSF The Trouble with Telemedicine

Laura Adams Drivers OF Ed.com says A Majority of drivers admit to texting while driving (& many also admit to Netflixing, YouTubing, Instagramming…

Marguerita M. Cheng of Investopedia advises on How to Prepare Your College Budget


Caleb Warren, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Eller College of Management, University of Arizona explains Humor, Comedy, and Consumer Behavior

Artemio Armenta of the DMV warns Californians about Unofficial Websites Charging Fees

Raphael Tulino of the IRS advises Scammers scheming around Oct. 15 deadline; Here’s what to do

Jill Bourque of RushTix offers listeners a way to Save Big on Live Performances in the Bay Area


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