Michael Finney: November 3, 2018


Edgar Dworsky of Consumer World  shares a New Trick That Could Save You $4,00 on Health Insurance

Ken Tumin of Deposit Accounts lists 5 Things Your Bank Won’t Tell You

Dr. Ricky Fishman of the blog Condition: Health News that Matters offers A Rationale For A Single Payer Health Care System


Ilana Strauss of Reader’s Digest lists 13 Things a Movie Theater Employee Won’t Tell You

Tercius Bufete of Consumer Reports explains The Many Benefits of Online Haggling When Buying Electronics

Panel Discussion of: 30 Years and $154 Billion of Savings: California’s Proposition 103 Insurance Reforms Still Saving Drivers Money

Doug Heller, Insurance Expert from The Consumer Federation of America
Harvey Rosenfield, Founder, Consumer Watchdog
Jaime Court, President and Chairman of Consumer Watchdog
Ralph Nader, founder of the Center For the Study of Responsive Law
Janet Ruiz, West Coast Representative of the Insurance Information Institute


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