Tech Run Amok: How Crisis Management Might Help Fix What’s Broken

By Jason Middleton

Software engineers and designers come out years after a product launch to admit, ‘Yes, we actually did want it to be addictive.’ Jonesing for that dopamine hit really is baked it most of our apps: it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

This week we’re spending much time with Dr Ian Mitroff, author of Technology Run Amok: Crisis Management in the Digital Agewho combines advanced education and training in engineering, industrial engineering and philosophy. He’s also a founder of the entire crisis management discipline.

Let’s run down some tech outrages and unintended consequences:

  • Facebook breaches our privacy and sells our information to outside businesses without telling us. Google sides with China’s efforts to enforce censorship. Snapchat’s hold on users leads some to undergo plastic surgery to improve their selfies.
  • Social media struggles with hate speech; Facebook and YouTube ban Alex Jones’s hate speech but Twitter allows him to continue before finally shutting him down for good.
  • And no one can guess what introducing technology into the human body – including the brain – will mean for humanity.


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