Saving the Oceans, One Seaweed Stalk at a Time

By Jason Middleton

Seaweed (and kelp) could save the world. It’s nutritious (and delicious). It eats away at all the earth-destroying acids and gases that we relentlessly throw into it (aka acidfication). It regenerates and grows incredibly quick. And it sustains three ecosystems during its lifetime (shelter for oysters and others; removing acids from the sea; food for us and others; tidal barriers; land-based critters feasting on washed up stalks).

Salt Point Seaweed, an organic seaweed farming company based in Oakland, is a bootstrap endeavor that has plugged into an active — and necessary — sustainable fishing/farming movement in the Bay Area (and sometimes beyond). Three women met during research, they all spent time in East Africa, and they all wanted to address climate change. Heck, even the red urchin epidemic is being helped out.

With Bay Area partners, like Fresh Catch, Salt Point Seaweed has been at this for more than a year, with eyes on expansion.  And if there was EVER a business suited for Instagram and gorgeous pics, it’s seaweed farming off the Northern California coast.

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