CEO of SF Giants responds to Co-Owner’s Controversial Investments

November 27, 2018

Charles Johnson, primary co-owner of the San Francisco Giants, came under fire for making donations to controversial politicians. Part of a $2,700 donation funded a radio ad aimed at black voters that suggests “white Democrats will be lynching black folk again”. The ad was created by a Super PAC that was used in Arkansas to promote Republican Congressman French Hill. Johnson’s investments also include support for the campaign of Mississippi senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who has been recorded making jokes & comments about public lynchings, taking photographs in a replica Confederate soldier hat, among other things.

After uproar from the community and a widespread boycotting of the team, San Francisco Giants CEO Laurence Baer released a statement on November 26, in which he stated that the organization can’t control the political beliefs of their employees. “While our 30-plus owners span the political spectrum,” Baer wrote, “they share one core belief: that sports has the power to inspire and galvanize a community,”

Marcos Bretón, columnist at the Sacramento Bee, wrote two columns on this topic and spoke with host Ethan Bearman on his show, confidently stating that he will no longer support the Giants if “this gentleman continues to invest in racist campaigns and racist candidates”. Bretón also expressed his disappointment with the CEO Baer’s response to the situation, which he laid out in his second column.

Listen to Ethan’s full interview with Breton below.


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