Techonomics: How Did We End Up with the Internet We Have?

By Jason Middleton
When it comes to Silicon Valley and the modern way we use new technology, it’s more than a little helpful to ask: How did we get here?
We’ve had the internet for about 50 years. The world wide web for ~30 years.
This week on Techonomics, we host a three-time digital entrepreneur, podcast host of the Techmeme Ride Home and author — namely Brian McCullough. His new book is “How the Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone.”
One example of the ‘internet we have today’ is Facebook and its recent foibles. The average age of a worker at Facebook is 32 — and that’s the highest it’s been since the company was formed. It’s difficult to have the context necessary to navigate these new technologies at that age.
That’s not a knock, by the way. It’s just not enough time to anticipate where the blind spots might be before a new technology is pushed out.
Facebook moved fast and broke things, and the company is reaping scorn for that reckless approach.
That and many other topics are in this week’s chat with Brian McCullough.
Have great weeks, everybody.

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