Former US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Delayed

(Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Images)

December 18, 2018
Katherine Mosqueira

The sentencing of former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has been delayed until March 13. This is the second time that the sentencing has been delayed.

Before this decision, Judge Emmett Sullivan brought Flynn to the podium, with additional questions to ask him. Sullivan had harsh words for Flynn. “All along, you were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the National Security Advisor for the President of the United States. That undermines everything this flag over here stands for. Arguably, you sold your country out,” Despite the harsh statements, when Flynn’s attorneys asked for the delay, Sullivan agreed and said both sides will update the judge on his case in four months.

Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI about having discussions with Russian officials over a year ago, in November of 2017. Since his plea, Flynn has fully cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. According to authorities, Flynn has provided information for three different investigations, one being Russian election meddling. This delay in sentencing allows Flynn to continue providing information to Mueller.

Aaron Blake, reporter for The Washington Post joined Ethan Bearman to discuss the hearing. Blake stated that once Flynn is sentenced, he is no longer required to cooperate with the government so prosecutors have a “clear motivation” to delay it. Link below to listen to the full analysis by Blake on The Ethan Bearman Show today.



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