Ronn Owens Report: Bay Area Traffic Ranked 5th Worst in the World

“Starting on January 1st, 2019, on the seven state-owned bridges, you’ll pay an extra dollar. They are going to raise them again on January 1st of 2022 and 2025,”

Ronn invited KGO’s trafficologist Mark Nieto to take a broad look at what’s in store for transportation next year. Given that Bay Area drivers spent more than 3 days on average sitting in gridlocked roads & that we have the 5th worst traffic congestion in the world & 3rd in the US, it’s a subject that affects everyone. They discussed all bridge tolls, except the Golden Gate Bridge, going up a dollar on January 1st, BART considering a second TransBay tube, Uber/Lyft at SFO, new metering lights coming to the Bay Bridges, booth-free bridges on the horizon and the SalesForce Transit Center which has been closed more than it’s been open!

Listen to the full report below.


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